2 Best Ninja Games

Ninja games have become very popular as of late. Not only do they carry enhanced graphics and extremely challenging but fun gameplay, but they have a very different art style and gameplay style compared to other games in different genres. Ninja games do not get released often, but when they do, the masses go crazy and write extensive reviews about the game and whether or not it is worth buying. After intricate and detailed analysis of said reviews, and playing the games themselves, I have compiled a short list of the two best ninja games, or game series, money can, (or cannot) buy.


  1. My first pick would have to be the the ultra-popular free online game, N Ninja, or as the creator calls it: N: The Way of the Ninja. Not only is it free, but it’s an award-winning game. And it has a cult-following so large and crazy, it’s not uncommon to hear about people bashing their keyboards, breaking laptops, and kicking their dogs because of its difficulty. There are two versions, and online and offline, both coded in 카지노사이트 Flash ActionScript. The offline version has more levels, an ability to create your own, an ability to download levels, and high score leaderboards.
  2. My second, and final pick, would most definitely have to be Ninja Gaiden. This game encompasses the Ninja Genre, builds on it, and cannot be trumped. Its difficulty has been revered, and hated, and its art-style is fantastic. It’s created by the masterminds at Tecmo, who have also been behind the well-known series, Dead or Alive. The game has fantastic graphics, and has raised the bar for many other video games. It is, however, a console game, which means you’ll have to pay for it. Ante up.


There you have it, my two favorite Ninja Games of all time!